About Aspiring barristers

Aspiring Barristers was launched December 2017 by aspiring barrister Faiza Javad, the founder of the group whilst she was studying at the University of Law. During those early days, she placed a message, a calling to those at the bar willing to listen through the medium of Linkedin. If you aspire to the bar, join me and together let us up end the system which discriminates against us, let us help each other, let us together level the playing field to get into the bar no matter race, creed, social status, age or education, let us make a bar for all.

It is at this time hopefuls such as Cameron Haden, then working for Redress Trust the human rights charity offered his assistance to the cause. In the time since Aspiring Barristers continued to build its outreach and online presence.

We work with Chambers and AETOs (Authorised Education and Training Organisations) as well as businesses to provide members with events, mentoring, competitions, employability assistance, online services, business support and access to the legal profession. Since 2018 members across the United Kingdom have benefitted from insight and support in career development, academic education, professional skills training and application support. To find out more about how we can help you, please see the Members Services.